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Health requirements

No special shots are required for short-term travelers. Visitors to China must complete a Health Declaration form upon arrival. No special vaccinations are required, but those who have traveled from an infected area before coming to China should have vaccination records available. Although China does have excellent preventative healthcare products available and modern healthcare systems in major cities, travelers should bring with them any special health remedies or medications they require, as well as over-the-counter items. Elderly travelers, or those with medical problems, are advised to check with their healthcare professional before visiting China. Travel to high-altitude areas such as Tibet is not recommended for those with pulmonary or heart problems.

Quarantine Service
Inbound and outbound passengers must accept health quarantine inspections by frontier quarantine services if so requested.

Persons carrying such objects as microorganisms, tissues from the human body, biological products, blood, or blood products cannot enter or exit unless they apply with a health quarantine service and accept required quarantine inspections.

Persons who enter or leave China carrying, or consigning for shipment luggage or objects which may cause the spread of contagious disease must submit to health quarantine inspections. The quarantine inspection service is obliged to treat or destroy such articles as foodstuffs, drinks, and aquatic products if they are contaminated by contagious diseases.

Persons arriving from areas infested with yellow fever must present certificates of inoculation against yellow fever to the quarantine department when entering China. Any such person not having the above mentioned certificate will be detained for observation until the sixth day after leaving the infested area, or such person may be inoculated and detained until the time when the inoculation is deemed effective.

Health quarantine services are obliged by law to prevent any foreigner suffering from AIDS, venereal disease, leprosy, mental illness, or active tuberculosis from entering China.

Animal & Plant Quarantine
The following objects may not be brought into China:
1) Animal and plant pathogens (including bacterial and venomous vaccines), pests and other injurious organisms
2) animals and plants, their products, and other quarantinable objects from countries and regions infected by infectious diseases
3) animal carcasses
4) soil
Persons intending to bring animals, plants, and related products or other quarantinable objects into China must submit application forms to the customs, and they should be examined by the frontier quarantine department. Those who bring animals into China must present quarantine and other certificates issued by the country or region of origin.
Each passenger is allowed to bring one pet into China. Such pets should be accompanied by quarantine and rabies-immunization certificates.

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