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Entertainment and nightlife

The wide variety of nighttime cultural activities available throughout China can be a source of frustration to travelers, since there are so many exciting performances to see and not enough time.

One of the highlights of any trip to China is a night at the Chinese Classical Opera, a feast for the senses with its magnificent costumes and intriguing plots (even if you don't understand what's happening). Performances by the astonishing Chinese acrobats and delightful per forming pandas, dogs, and cats are also "must see" events. Other cultural favorites include colorful folk dancing, classical Chinese dance, and "wushu," the traditional form of martial arts.

In larger tourist towns, you'll also find modern dance, jazz, classical and rock music. If you like movies, you're in luck, so do the Chinese. Most towns host dozens of cinemas, and seeing a Chinese film is fun even if you don't understand the language. And of course there's karaoke, and discos, the most popular evening entertainment in China. Drop in for a "pijiu" (beer), muster up your courage, and try signing a song (in English). You're sure to make some new Chinese friends. All hotel guestrooms are equipped with television sets. CCTV(China Central Television Station) has two English programs available every evening. In most hotels, BBC, CNN, star TV, etc. are available. Many hotels are equipped with in-house movie, music bar, tea or coffee lounge, bowling, health center, sauna and massage room, swimming pool, and ballroom, etc.


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