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Customs Regulations

Chinese border crossings are generally very easy. All visitors entering China must fill out customs declaration forms upon arrival. The departure copy will be stapled in your passport and must be submitted as you exit China. Reasonable amounts of money (currently up to $5,000 US), alcohol and cigarettes, cameras, and tape-recorders can be brought into China. Certain valuable items, such as amateur video and camera equipment, computers, and gold, must be declared on the form.

NOTE: Tourists may bring 8mm, 1/2 inch VHS, or small-format digital video camcorders by declaring the equipment upon entry-provided that the tapes produced in China are not intended for commercial use. But professional video or audio recording equipment requires special authorization. Importing arms and ammunition, narcotic drugs, and printed or video material "detrimental to China's politics, economy, culture, or ethics" is forbidden.

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1. Customs Clearance

According to related laws and regulations, the luggage of inbound and outbound passengers must be under customs supervision and control. Passengers should make factually declaration to the customs on the actual information on the luggage they carry into or out of the territory.

2. Restricted Inbound and Outbound Items

Passenger's Personal Articles
Each passenger is allowed to carry a camera, a portable tape recorder, a small movie camera, a portable video camera, and a portable word processor. If exceeding the scope, he or she should make declaration to the customs. Passengers should bring what they have brought with them back on their departure with the permission of the customs.

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Gold, Silver, and Articles Made of These Metals
Passengers with gold, silver, and articles made of these metals, each exceeding 50 grams, should make declaration to the customs, and should carry out. Gold, silver, and their products (including new arts and crafts articles, such as inlays and containers) bought from fixed shops shall be released by the customs after examination of the Special Receipts issued by the People's Bank of China.

Foreign Currencies
There is no limitation for the amount of foreign currencies, traveler's check to carry into China. Inbound passengers who are residents of China carrying more than US$2,000 or non-resident passengers with more than US$5,000 or an equivalent amount in other foreign currencies should make a declaration to the customs.

Renminbi (RMB)
The limit of Renminbi for inbound and outbound passengers is 6,000 yuan. Inbound and outbound passengers with more than 6,000 yuan will not allowed to enter or leave the territory.

Cultural Relics (including works of died famous contemporary calligraphers and painters)
If inbound passengers with cultural relics want to carry the relics out of the territory, they should make a clear declaration to the customs. Passengers could carry out the relics bought in China with the appraisal by the Chinese administrative departments for cultural relics. When cultural relics leave the territory, the customs shall release them after examination against the export permit from these departments and the appraisal marks stamped on the relics.

Passengers trying to carry cultural relics out of the territory without declaring them to the customs may face criminal charge.

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3. Articles Prohibited from Entry and Exit

Articles Not Allowed into China
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Various weapons, imitation weapons, ammunition, and explosives;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Counterfeit money and forged securities;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Printed matter, negatives, re- cords, films, audio and video recordings, laser optical video-discs, computer storage media and other articles containing materials deemed harmful to China politically, economically, culturally, or ethically;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Deadly poisons, Opium, morphine, heroin, marijuana, and other narcotics;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Dangerous bacteria, harmful insects, and other harmful animals, plants, and their products;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Food, drugs, and other articles from epidemic-stricken areas if such articles may be harmful to human beings and animals.

Articles that may not be taken out of China
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) All articles mentioned above as prohibited for entry
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Manuscripts, printed matter, negatives, photos, records, films, audio and video recordings, laser optical video disc, computer storage medium and similar articles if they contain state secrets;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Cultural relics and relics not permitted to exit;
bullet3.gif (82 bytes) Endangered and protected animals and plants (including specimens), their seeds and breeding materials.

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