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Located one and a half hours by air from Beijing, Xian is home of the world-famous life-size Terra Cotta Army, unearthed in 1974 after being buried with the first Qin emperor for 22 centuries. Xian was the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization dating back to 4000 BC, and the capital city for 11 dynasties up to the 9th century. It is from here that caravans started on the Silk Road to Europe, changing the Western world forever. The massive City Wall and Moat that surround the city are a monument to the importance of Xian. Today, modern hotels complement a rich cultural heritage that invites exploration. Xian's new international airport and good tourist infrastructure add to the comfort and convenience for those who wish to explore the heartland of China.

Museum of the Qin Emperor's Tomb (Terra-Cotta Army Museum)
terracotta.JPG (31880 bytes)This is one of the greatest archeological discoveries in the world. Three exhibition halls, the largest of which is 600 feet by 200 feet, house the continuing excavation of an army of 6,000 terra-cotta soldiers and horses that guard the tomb of Qin Shihuangdi, the first emperor of a unified China. It is a stunning exhibit of ancient artifacts that is well laid-out and easy to view.

Banpo Village Museum
Dating back more than 6,000 years, the village was meticulously restored. The ruins are divided into a residential quarter, a pottery-making area, and a burial ground. There is a large hall where you can enjoy lunch and a performance that re-enacts village life, music, and ancient dance.

Big Wild Goose Pagoda
Dayan Pagoda is also known as the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, this seven-story, 211 foot structure was built in 652 AD and offers a spectacular view of the ancient city walls.

Moslem Mosque
Built in the traditional Chinese architectural style, this is the largest and best preserved mosque in China, dating from 742 AD.

Stele Forest
This museum, dating back to 1090 AD, holds a treasured collection of 2,300 stone tablets displaying the different styles of Chinese calligraphy from many dynasties. It is the finest collection of calligraphy masterpieces in China.

Provincial Museum
Opened in 1991 and built in the style of a traditional Chinese palace, this well-organized museum displays more than 2,000 ancient artifacts depicting the evolution and development of Chinese civilization.

Huaqing Hot Springs
These hot springs are nestled in the beautiful Lishan Mountains, a one-hour drive east of Xian. The site was originally a royal resort 2,800 years ago and became famous during the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), when the emperors built a palace there. Today you are welcome to follow the old tradition of enjoying a relaxing bath in the Nine Dragons Hot Spring.

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