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Sichuan Province

jiuzai.jpg (29647 bytes)Sichuan is the largest province in China and the most heavily populated with 100 million people. Set among beautiful mountains and fast moving rivers, Sichuan has a rich cultural heritage that dates back several thousand years. This area is also home to some of China's spiciest foods.

The capital of China's richest agricultural province, dating back 2,500 years, Chengdu is located 950 miles south of Beijing. The best way to enjoy Chengdu is to stroll the narrow streets of the old town encountering centuries old local markets, silk brocade shops, and a wonderful variety of delicious food stalls.

Marquis Wu Shrine: Built in the third century and covering ten acres, the shrine houses 47 heroic figures of the Shu Kingdom.

Du Fu Thatched Cottage: The celebrated Tang Dynasty poet Du Fu composed more than 240 brilliant poems that have became a major source of inspiration to Chinese artists.

Dujiangyan Irrigation System: Designed and built in the third century AD, this ingenious irrigation project is still used today to regulate the region's water supply, preventing serious flooding and drought.

About 130 miles north of Chongqing. This county of eastern Sichuan Province has 50,000 of China's best preserved and colorful Buddhist stone sculptures. These unparalleled works of art depict legends and scenes dating back 1,300 years.

Leshan Giant Buddha
100 miles southwest of Chengdu rising 234 feet above the turbulent waters of three converging rivers, this statue was carved in 713 AD. Its instep can hold more than 100 seated people and two large men can stand in its ear.

Mount Emei
One of the most famous Buddhist mountains in China, Mount Emei was home to more than 100 monasteries and temples during the Ming and Qing dynasties.


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