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guilinpaddy.jpg (9878 bytes)Located 259 miles northwest of Guangzhou (a one-hour flight from Guangzhou or Hong Kong), Guilin is world-famous for its serene landscape, Karst limestone formations, mist-covered hills, and bamboo groves. The region boasts some of the most beautiful scenery in the world, and is one of the most photographed areas of China. The city of Guilin is located on the Li River, surrounded by the exotic geographic formations that seem to evoke a mystical feeling in all who travels here. Although it is a small, slow paced town, Guilin has a highly developed tourism infrastructure. But it is the breathtaking beauty, peacefulness, and tranquillity in such a magical setting that rewards those who visit Guilin. Be sure to bring your camera.

Li River Cruise
guilineve.gif (35417 bytes)Starting from Guilin, a spectacular four-hour cruise is available that reveals the true beauty of China's heartland and people. The cruise meanders down streams and through lush green valleys, bamboo groves, and hundreds of fairy-like rock formations. Along the way, you are rewarded with scenes of a multitude of waterfront and farming activities, and the fascinating sight of fishermen using cormorant birds to catch fish. The cruise ends in Yangshuo, 40 miles southeast of Guilin, a town that boasts one of the area's most colorful local markets for gifts and souvenirs. Yangshuo is a delightful place to shop before returning to Guilin via motorcoach. If you have more time, there is a wonderful overnight stop halfway down the river at Foggy Mountain Resort, next to a small farming village. It is a beautiful setting, with comfortable accommodations and an enjoyable dining experience at a restaurant that overlooks the village and valley.

Reed Flute Cave
reedflute2.jpg (18904 bytes)Nicknamed the Art Gallery of Nature, the cave features fantastic stalactite and stalagmite formations that are artfully illuminated by beautiful multicolored lights. The main path leads you past a kaleidoscope of coral rock formations to the vast Crystal Palace grotto, capable of accommodating 1,000 viewers. At the end, the pathway opens onto a spectacular view of Guilin and surrounding peaks.

Diecai Hill (Folded Brocade Hill)
The highest of Guilin's many peaks. The rocks of the hill are mysteriously formed, hence the name of Folded Brocade Hill. Diecai offers several stunning vantage points with names as magical as the scenery below: Crane Peak, Bright Moon Peak, and Seeing Around the Hill.

elephanttrunk2.jpg (17108 bytes)Elephant Trunk Hill
Sitting on the joint of Yangjiang River and Lijang River, it bears close resemblance to an elephant with its trunk in the river and has long been considered the symbol of Guilin.

Seven Star Cave
Located in the west slope of Mount Putuo in Guilin, the cave, zigzagging about one kilometer deep, houses more than 40 sites. A gallery of stalactites, stalagmites, huge stone slabs and pillars, the cave is said to be residence of the immortals.

Fubo Hill
Standing in northeast Guilin, facing down the Lijiang River on the east, this fascinating hill rising out of flat ground holds back the river flow and forms a deep pool at the foot of the hill. It has long been famed as a wonderland.


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