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fiveram.gif (30546 bytes)Guangzhou, neighboring Hong Kong and Macao, is the capital of Guangdong Province, and the largest city in South China as well. The city has eight districts and four counties, with a population of 6,290,000 people. Guangzhou has been listed in China's 24 historic and cultural cities. It has long been one of China's ports of foreign trade and friendly exchanges. The past decade has seen great economic achievements in the city thanks to the policy of reform and opening to the outside world which was first carried out in Guangdong. Now the city has become a well-known industrial city.

Rapid progress has also been made in the tourism industry. Many hotels, restaurants and night markets have been opened in the city. A continuous stream of visitors including overseas Chinese, compatriots from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and foreign travelers come to the city every year.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall
Located on Dongfeng Road, it was built between 1929-1931, with the fund from overseas Chinese and the local people to the memory of Dr. Sun Yat-sen, who led the overthrow of the last dynasty in 1911 and founded the first republic ever in China in 1912. It houses an assembly hall with a seating capacity of 4,700 people.

The Memorial Hall of Chen Family
Located on Zhongshan Qilu, also known as the Chen's Academy of Learning, it was built between 1890-1894, to serve as the ancestor temple of the Chens in 72 counties in Guangdong, as well as a learning academy for their descendants. It was well furnished with a strong local architectural style.

Six-Banyan Temple
Also called Flower Pagoda 1000-Buddha Pagoda, it was first built in 537. It was named Liurong/six-banyan because the famous song writer Su Dongpo wrote the two characters here. It is 57.6 meters high, nine stories on the outside and 17 stories inside. A climb on the pagoda can give a full view of the city.

Guangxiao Temple
The earliest temple in Guangzhou, it got its current name in 1151. Many famous monks from India and China have carried on Buddhist activities there.

The Mosque
Located on Guangta Road, also known as Huaisheng Mosque or popularly known as Light Tower, it was said to be built by two Arabian missionaries in 627 in memory of Mohammed. It was called Light Tower because it is smooth and was once used as a beacon for the boats on the Zhujiang River.

Yuexiu Park
Located on Dahei Road, 920,000 square meters in area. It is the largest park in Guangzhou, including seven hills, three artificial lakes, Conquering the Sea Tower, the Monument to Sun Yat-sen, the Statue of Five Rams, the Seaman's Pavilion, the Jinyin Children's Amusement Ground and a swimming ground.

The Orchid Garden
Located on the west of Liuhu Lake, it is a small park featuring orchids. The garden grows more than 10,000 pots of orchids in over 100 varieties. With trees and flowers and winding paths, the park presents a scene as beautiful as a painting.

The Guangzhou Import and Export Commodities Fare
A biannual event, which, usually referred to as the Guangzhou Spring Trade Fair (April 15-30), and the Guangzhou Autumn Trade Fair(October 15-30), brings thousands of traders from around the world. It is so far the biggest and the oldest international trade fair in the mainland of China.


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