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China and Asia Package Tours
Ceramics Culture Connect Tour
16-day tour of Beijing / Xian / Nanjing / Tunxi / Jingdezhen / Wuxi / Yixing / Suzhou / Shanghai
Day 1 - USA/Beijing
Your journey begins as you board an international flight bound for China.

Day 2 - Beijing
You are welcomed on arrival in Beijing, the capital of China with an incredible mix of historic and modern landmarks. You are met and transferred to your hotel.

Day 3 - Beijing (B/L)
Explore the landmarks of imperial Beijing: the famous Tiananmen Square; the imposing Forbidden City, a treasure trove of art and heirlooms; the Temple of Heaven's exuberant interior and delightful park setting; and the breezy landscapes of the Summer Palace, still much as they were during the court of Empress Dowager.

Day 4 - Beijing (B/L/SD)
With its various segments stretching nearly 4,000 miles across the rugged terrain of northern China, the Great Wall is truly a world wonder. Today's visit will allow ample time to linger at the site, photograph it from dramatic perspectives, and contemplate the resilience of the ancient people who toiled under the harshest conditions to erect the wall entirely by hand. Continue to the Ming Tombs, burial site of the Ming Dynasty's royalty before returning to the city for a delicious Peking duck dinner.

Day 5 - Beijing/Xian (B/L)
Fly to Xian, ancient capital of eleven Chinese dynasties. Drive through the scenic countryside before arriving at your hotel.

Day 6 - Xian (B/L/SD)
Xian was the cradle of ancient Chinese civilization dating back to 4,000 BC, and the capital city for eleven dynasties up to the 9th century. Tour the highlights of outskirts today, none more spectacular than the army of Terra Cotta Soldiers buried around the tomb of Emperor Qin for 22 centuries, but hidden beneath the earth until their discovery in 1974. Explore the Provincial Museum, the landmark Big Wild Goose Pagoda, and Ming-era City Gate. This evening, enjoy a dazzling dinner banquet and stage show at the Tang Dynasty Theater.

Day 7 - Xian (B/L)
This morning drive will take you to Yaozhou, a beautiful old city in the north of Xian. Procelain was produced there as early as the Tang Dynasty. During this period, black and white porcelain was the major production. The day's excursion will culminate in a visit to the Yaozhou Kiln Museum and the ancient site of Kilns of Tang and Song Dynasties. After lunch, proceed to the pottery town, Chen Lu Zhen, for a tour of the present ceramic factories. End the day at the mosque in Yao Wang Shan prior to the return to Xian.

Day 8 - Xian/Nanjing/Tunxi (B/L/D)
Depart Xian and fly to Nanjing, China's southern capital. One of the highlights of today's tour will be the excursion to the national hero Dr. Sun Yat-sen's Mausoleum, enshrined in the Purple Gold Mountains east of the city as well as stroll along the Qinhuai River scenic belt for sightseeing historical interest including the Confucian Temple, the Examination Office in the Ministry of Rites, Taoye Ferry and Wuyi Lane. In the evening, board the overnight train to Tunxi.
Train: soft sleeper compartment accommodates up to 4 passengers.

Day 9 - Tunxi (B/L/D)
Arrive at Tunxi early in the morning. You are met and transferred to the hotel for breakfast before today's sightseeing to the old town, which is right at down town of Tunxi. The street is stone slab paved and about 1,000 meters long with shops in classical Ming and Qing architectural style, with resplendent halls, exquisite pavilions, carved doors and windows, black tiles and whitewashed walls. We will also visit the Hong Village, which is famed for its pre-20th Century buildings. What is unique about the village is that it is ox-shaped topography.

Day 10 - Tunxi/Jingdezhen (B/L/D)
This morning's drive will take you to Jingdezhen, the "porcelain city" since the Song dynasty, with a history of 1700 years porcelain-making. You will visit the ancient Kiln porcelain factory and museum, Hammermill, the Jeshu Enamel Factory.

Day 11 - Jingdezhen/Wuxi (B/L/D)
The day is devoted to Jingdezhen Ceramics Museum, Kiln sites and museum at Hutian, and the Archaeological Institute. In the late afternoon, depart Jingdezhen to Wuxi via overnight train.
Train: soft sleeper compartment accommodates up to 4 passengers.

Day 12 - Wuxi/Yixing/Wuxi (B/L/D)
Arrive at Wuxi in the morning and transfer by bus to Yixing, which is famous for producing the dark-red pottery teapot and is a gem of Chinese pottery art. Visits include the traditional pottery producing teapots, ancient kiln and museum. Return to Wuxi for overnight.

Day 13 - Wuxi/Suzhou (B/L/D)
Enjoy a morning outing to Lake Thai, also known as "Seismic Pool" in ancient time, is one of the five freshwater lakes in China. Immerse in the beautiful picturesque scenery with waves rolling upon waves emerging from the clear blue water. In the afternoon, depart to Suzhou via train for an evening of a classical music and dance in the candlelit Garden of the Master of Nets.

Day 14 - Suzhou/Shanghai (B/L)
Suzhou, a charming city of canals filled with Ming and Qing gardens, many dating back centuries. Exploring a selection of magnificent garden havens cherished by ancient scholars and visits the Embroidery Research Institute to marvel at the designs. An afternoon train ride will take you to the cosmopolitan Shanghai.

Day 15 - Shanghai (B/L/D)
Immerse in the culture and sophistication of Shanghai on a full day tour of the city's premier sights. Wander the lovely paths and pavilions of the 500-year-old Yu Garden; stroll the riverfront Bund; and view all manners of Chinese arts displayed in the astounding galleries of the new Shanghai Museum. Return to the hotel at day's end to prepare for a thrilling show of the Shanghai Acrobats.

Day 16 - Shanghai/USA (B)
Transfer to International Airport to board your return flight home.


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Apr 16, 30 $2,890 $3,020 $2,200 $720
May 07, 21 $2,890 $3,020 $2,200 $720
Jun 11, 25 $2,930 $3,050 $2,150 $670
Jul 02, 16, $2,930 $3,050 $2,150 $670
Aug 06, 13, $2,930 $3,050 $2,150 $670
Aug 27 $3,050 $3,200 $2,350 $780
Sep 03, 17 $3,035 $3,175 $2,350 $780
Oct 08, 15, 22, $3,035 $3,175 $2,350 $780
Nov 05, 19, $2,850 $2,970 $2,150 $690
Dec 03, 17 $2,850 $2,970 $2,150 $690
Jan 14, 21 $2,740 $2,875 $2,050 $690
Feb 04, 18 $2,740 $2,875 $2,050 $690
Mar 03, 17, 24, $2,850 $2,970 $2,150 $720
Hotel Accomodations
Beijing New Otani Hotel
Xian Hyatt Hotel
Wuxi Tai Hu Garden Hotel
Suzhou Banboo Grove Hotel
Shanghai Central Hotel  
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